3 Pet Care Tips and Tricks

3 Pet Care Tips and Tricks

Do you want to extend your pet’s life spans? Then it means that you, the pet parent, need to do some research. That means you need pet care tips and tricks that will increase your pet’s quality of life as the years pass.

Prioritize Training Your Pet If Possible

Not every animal can be trained; in some cases, the cat will train you to honor their territory and space. It’s still worth a shot to see if you or a professional can instill good habits.

Cats should get a lot of space for scratching, and frequently cleaned litter boxes. If you reinforce that office chairs are not good for sharpening their claws and trim their nails, then there is a chance they will listen. Have ample cardboard boxes available, and daily playtime sessions so they won’t run around at night and keep you awake.

With that said, training your dog at least can increase their quality of life. If they learn to appreciate the leash, not jump on guests, and sit on command, they are less likely to get in trouble with strangers or authority figures. The wee pad is preferable to them urinating on the floor or on someone’s handbag.

Research The Type Of Pet Food Required

Different animals have various dietary needs. In the case of dogs and cats, they need a well-balanced diet. Make sure they have wet food and dry food, and meat suitable for their stomachs. Identify fruits they cannot eat, like grapes, and keep such items out of reach.

Never put a cat or a dog on a vegetarian diet. It is cruel and unconscionable, no matter what you believe. Dogs and cats are carnivores; while they can eat certain fruits and vegetables. If you want a pet that eats vegetables, go with chinchillas, rabbits or guinea pigs.

On that note, make sure that all of the diets are balanced and healthy. Rabbits can’t live solely on carrots, despite what cartoons may tell you.

Brush Everyone’s Teeth Regularly

Many owners often overlook this, but much like with human teeth being an indicator for serious diseases, pet teeth can drastically determine their health. If they aren’t cared for, cats and dogs may have a hard time eating, which affects their health in the long run. While you can use a toothbrush for your mouth, your pets can’t. That is when you need to step up to the plate.

Dogs and cats are generally not fond of getting their teeth brushed. Instill the habit early in younger pets and amenable older ones, rewarding them with cuddles or treats after the task is done.

Improve Your Pet Health From RescueStrays

At RescueStrays, we work to ensure that our cat and dog care is stellar for our charges. Our pets are treated with the best food and quality-housing to give them a good life.

Reach out as soon as you are ready to start a remote adoption. Dogs love people, and we know they will love your affection from a distance.

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