How To Take Care Of A Dog In An Apartment

How To Take Care Of A Dog In An Apartment

When we think about the nature of canine companions, apartments seldom come to mind as being the most ideal spots for them to live in. We tend to think about farms and exurban homes where dogs have plenty of outdoor space where they can enjoy running, exploring, playing, hunting, and even taking care of their biological needs. The demographic reality of the United States is that more people have been downsizing their living spaces and moving to urban centers since the height of the global financial crisis in 2008, and this means that more dogs are forced to live in apartments.

The Reality of Dogs Living in Apartments

If you think that taking care of a dog in an apartment is more difficult than in a country home or a suburban house with a big yard, you are right; however, this should not dissuade you from adopting one of our rescued lovelies. Lifestyle has a lot to do with successful pet adoption. A retired South Florida apartment dweller who spends most of his or her days fishing in the Everglades, and who plans to take a dog along, would be perfect for one of our animals in need of a home. Even if your lifestyle is more along the lines of working 9-to-5, you can still keep your apartment dog happy with the following recommendations:

Make Your Apartment Dog-Friendly

Similar to humans, dogs dislike cramped and cluttered spaces. Whenever possible, push furniture against the wall for the purpose of forming pathways. Mount your flat-screen television set on the wall. If you have a balcony, place an extra set of feeding and drinking bowls there. The doggie bed should be in a corner, nook, or tight space.

Take the Dog Out as Often as Possible

For many pet owners whose work/life balance does not give them too much free time, this recommendation may require some effort, but it is the best you can do for your dog and yourself. Daily walks are a must, but you should also find canine-friendly parks where your companion can be unleashed. All dogs like to fetch; even if they are not used to this fun activity, they learn quickly.

Gift Your Dog With a Box of Toys

Three toys in a box will be sufficient for your canine when he or she has to spend hours alone in the apartment. Be sure to include an unwashed t-shirt in the box so that your scent will be near the dog when you are away.

Learn More About Living With Pets in Apartments

At Rescue Strays, our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate animals in need. Many of the dogs we rescue have previously lived in apartments, and they would not mind returning to one as long as there are kind people who are willing to give them loving care. We also offer remote adoptions, which is a neat way to help our rescue and shelter mission while directly caring for an animal that you feel an affinity for. Contact us to learn more about what we do or if you are considering adoption.

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