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Rescuing and Saving Neglected Animals in Need in Miami, US and in Turkey

Rescuing Abandoned Animals since 2010…

Rescue Strays Corp. (RS) is a 501(c)3, Florida not-for-profit corporation dedicated to rescuing animals in need and giving animals another chance in life. Once they are with us, they are safe.

We rescue any kind of animal who is in need. All living souls are equal. We rehabilitate them, we heal them, we offer the full comfort of a home for them, we offer various kinds of food for them, we offer veterinary services to them, but more importantly, we teach abused, homeless and abandoned animals “how to feel, to be loved and how to love back”. Whenever we can, we find their forever homes with loving families.

We do not confine them into cages like most shelters. They roam free in our rescue land and in our farmhouse as long as it is safe and not raining. It’s incredible to see all dogs, cats of all sizes live harmoniously until we find them a new home.

We rescue Animals that are thrown away just because they are not cute anymore, too big, too old, who do not do their jobs, or those who have extreme medical bills and needs.

We see love and forgiveness in the eyes of these animals that are so much better than the humans who have abused, neglected, and sometimes killed them for no reason.

With everything they have been through, they still love and trust humans. Our goal is to be worthy of this love and to help them find their forever homes.

Our Mission is to rescue as many animals in need as we can.

Our Vision is that one day we won’t have to…

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Who We Are

We’re a group of animal lovers who are passionate about ending the sale of animals. We rescue abused and neglected animals from terrible situations. We never settle for “good enough” when it comes to animals in need. We operate in the US, in Turkey and mostly Developing Countries since animals in developing countries are often abused more and legal protection for them is limited.

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