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We’re a group of animal lovers who are passionate about ending the sale of animals. We rescue abused and neglected animals from terrible situations. We never settle for “good enough” when it comes to animals in need. We operate in the US, in Turkey and mostly Developing Countries since animals in developing countries are often abused more and legal protection for them is limited.

%99 of our cats and dogs do not live in cages and they are free in big play yards of Rescue strays shelter. Our unique “Reintegrate an Animal into Society” program allows us to let them live freely in our shelter. We reteach them not to attack any animal with this program.

Rescue Strays find homes for 50% of the animals in our shelter. Only animals with untreatable medical issues, old, sick, daily treatment needed, extreme behavioral problems, underdogs stays with us and we welcome them. Rescue Strays have no time limits for how long an animal may stay. 

All animals are examined by veterinarians upon arrival and treated for any medical problems they may have while at our shelter. Many of the pets in our shelter are seriously sick or injured and need immediate and continuous medical care. 

Donations to Rescue Strays help us cover the costs of saving animals who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance. Donations allow us to save more animals.

By remote adopting or supporting an animal in need from us, you will not only be giving that pet a healthy and loving future but also opening up space for other homeless, in need animals who need our care. 

Rescue Strays is a non-profit organization and all donations are 100% tax-deductible. Your donations help us to continue to provide our animals with food, shelter, medical care, spay/neuter, and all of their other needs.

Rescue Strays does not receive any help from the government and relies solely on your contributions. Please donate or contact us for any questions. We welcome one time or monthly contributions.

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